Fusion Or Authentic Restaurants, Which Do You Choose?

By this point, most people might have already heard about things called fusion restaurants, which essentially combine two or more kinds of culinary styles or origins. This has resulted in something of rift within the food enthusiast community. Some are excited about being able to try new foods through fusion while there are purists who prefer to keep them separate.

If you would like some reference the next time you have to choose between fusion or authentic restaurants, keep these points in mind. These will be helpful as well, when you have an I Amsterdam Card.


New Tastes VS Original

One of the biggest reasons why fusion has become and is still becoming so popular is the matter of new taste. Sure, some people still haven’t experienced more exotic foods from more obscure cultures, but Thai, Chinese, Indian, French, Italian, and other kinds of mainstream cuisine have become too well-known.

When choosing which of the two categories you want in a restaurant, you have to decide on what you want to experience. Are you craving for new foods or do you prefer them in their original state?

Adventure Or Comfort

This is an extension to the first point, but in a more pointed fashion. That is to say, depending on the kind of fusion cuisine you go for, the experience can be quite the adventure. This also means that the results aren’t always guaranteed to please you. You may even come out of the restaurant feeling angry about the food that you were served.

On contrast, traditional cooking is known, refined, and most of all, comfortable. When ordering something from an Indian restaurant run by an actual person from India, you can almost always count on getting exactly what you expect. This is often where things get boring.

Authenticity Is Not Black And White

drinkOn the matter of getting exactly what you need from traditional restaurants, you should also bear in mind that authentic cuisine is not always easy to define. When speaking of French food, for example, it doesn’t often include dishes from the countryside. The same goes for Indian cuisine, Chinese, or even those from your own country.

It’s Okay To Like Both

Finally, and this is just a small point that needs to be driven home, it’s okay to like both fusion and authentic restaurants. You could always try the former when you get bored and choose the latter if you need something you already know. Both also come with Promo Codes to help you out.